Kijik's Breeds:

My Alaskan husky is 12 years old. Her name is Kijik. She has been an amazing outdoor dog all her life. We ski, hike, backpack, and raft, and love to do adventures together! Almost 2 years ago she started to show signs of having hip and knee arthritis. It quickly progressed to the point she was having trouble getting up, climbing stairs, hiking in the mountains, and running. It broke my heart to be losing my favorite outdoor mountain dog and companion. The veterinarian put her on Rimadyl which helped her pain a lot, but she still was very limited on the distance and extent of her exercise; and would get very stiff afterward. A friend told me about hemp oil for dogs, so I tried Canna-Pet to see if I could improve her inflammation and pain from the arthritis, and possibly replace the Rimadyl and other pain prescriptions she was on. She has now been taking the Canna-Pet capsules 2x/day for the past year and has reduced her Rimadyl medication to 1/4 of what she was previously on. It has made such an improvement in her health and longevity! In the past year she has gotten so much better than she was a year ago. I can’t believe it! Even all our friends and family comment on how much better she looks and how agile she is again. It is so true, she is hiking mountain trails again, can run a bit, and never has trouble getting herself up or being stiff anymore. It is amazing and is all due to putting her on hemp! It has made her a new dog and we are back to exploring the mountains! I am so happy to have her on a healthier and natural medication than the typical drug prescription solutions, and to have her being such an active dog again.