Health Issues:

My cat, Ishtar, was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, spring of 2015. She was on steroids but they weren’t really helping. She had constant diarrhea and would vomit at least once per day. I had to syringe feed her because she wasn’t eating nearly enough and had lost interest in food.

My boyfriend ordered Canna-Pet on a whim – it was our last ditch effort to help her, as I thought we were going to have to put her down.

After 1 week, Ishtar was eating again and her vomiting greatly reduced. I took her off of the prescription anti-nausea medication. After 2 weeks her bowel movements normalized and the vomiting had ceased. After several months I felt confident to take her off of steroids, to which my vet agreed. It’s over 2 years later – she is now 15 – and the only medication she is on is Canna-Pet, her blood work looks great, and she is as energetic as ever. I recommend you to everyone!