Health Issues:
Finnegan's Breeds:

This is my little FINNEGAN who is a 3 yr old Yorkipoo. Finnegan favorite pastime is either boating and swimming in the lake or gardening! Last year wasn’t as much fun for Finn as he suffers from luxating patellas. He was diagnosed his first year with me as well as allergies to grain and anxiety issues! Every time we tried to give him any kind of meds or vaccinations his first two years he would have adverse reactions. Surgery isn’t really an option as I fear how the meds would affect him..and worse yet no guarantees that the pain wouldn’t increase for him! He has been on a raw food diet since I realized his allergies. He gets turmeric every day and his Canna biscuits as well as CannaPet drops. FINNEGAN can now have short play periods with his other pup friends and keep up.

He tires but is able to play like I’ve NEVER seen! He brings me so much joy and love and it was horrible to see him suffer! Thanks Canna-Pet for giving my best friend some much needed relief and to be able to be a DOG again! He is much happier and HEALTHIER!