Health Issues:
Argyle's Breeds:

Argyle will be 13 years old this September and still going on daily walks thanks to Canna-Pet. We have been loyal customers for several years now and I have some measure of peace knowing as his pain increases, I can still help him with your products.
Argyle suffers from chronic pain in his back knees caused from severe arthritis. He also has hip dysplasia, but that is the lesser of two evils. After seeing the X-rays and recognizing that his knee joints are like moon craters rubbing bone on bone, I could see why he was so angry at the world.
After multiple attempts at finding the right mix of drugs for him, not only did we discover the miracle of Canna-Pet, we opened our vet’s eyes to a whole other option for suffering animals she cares for. In the last year, my close friend has even brought Canna-Pet into her pet store stock (Lovable Pets) and has unlocked a new market for her customers with suffering pets. Although Argyle takes his canna-pet to keep moving, others are finding it as an answer as a safer alternative for seizure control too.
Argyle would most likely have had to be euthanized by now to ease the constant pain he was enduring without the addition of Canna-Pet to his cocktail of medicines and supplements. And as his condition advances with his age, it is a relief to know that I am not yet at the end of options of products from Canna-Pet to keep him feeling the very best he can.
He is a stubborn little guy, so on the days he can’t stop himself from chasing cats and squirrels, I can give him an extra dose without fear. He loves the snow, come winter, too and I am glad he still has years of rolling around with pure joy as Canna-Pet keeps him as pain free as possible.