Health Issues:
Bubba's Breeds:

Last November our shih tzu, Bubba, developed eye ulcers. He was misdiagnosed and the medication made them considerably worse. In pain, we rushed him to a canine ophthalmologist who did a major graph on eye and a corneal replacement on the other. Neither eye healed. They remained cloudy. The diagnosis was allergies caused the ulcers and acute pancreatitis is causing the cloudiness.

We started him on the Canna-Pet one month ago. This coincides with slowly weaning him off other medications (he was on 5 total medications daily) that the doctors prescribed on so I cannot be 100% sure that his marked improvements came from one or the other…but I will say that they have been fairly substantial. Bubba is 12 years old…and our time with him is short. I wanted to give him a quality of life that didn’t include medicated stupor.

Bubba was blind, lethargic, lacking in appetite and suffering from acute pancreatitis. His Liver and Kidney values were through the roof. Since beginning the Canna-Pet, he is considerably more energetic, the swelling behind his eyes has lessened to where he can start to see shadows (although his eyes are still not clear), he has stopped panting after meals and, in fact, has not had a pancreatitis attack in two weeks. We will be having his blood values evaluated again at the end of the month.

He actually WANTS to be outside all the time. He WANTS desperately to DO something now. He gets bored. Before this he was sad, in pain or over medicated, and never wanted to play. I don’t know if it’s the Canna-Pet… but the last four weeks have given him pep in his step and when our time with him is limited I love seeing him happy again.Between our decision to take him off all the chemicals and introduce him to Canna-Pet he is back to being our little guy…and I can’t say enough how happy that makes us! Thank you!