Health Issues:
Hank's Breeds:

When Hank came into our family he was extremely malnourished, he was abused and possibly used as a bait dog. Hank also had 3 very large mass cell tumors which we had removed and they were unfortunately malignant. Through lots of holistic and alternative Vet care, Hank blossomed into a happy boy. However the mental damage was and still is a part of our boys life. Also about 3 months ago we noticed 2 more lumps growing in the same area where he had his previous tumors. Hank is on a strict holistic diet along with a slew of holistic treatments. We were desperate to find something so we could possibly avoid surgery for him. I found Canna-Pet and he’s been on the Max drops now for about one week. 4 drops, 3 times daily. What I can already report is this… NO NEW CELL GROWTH!!! Yay!!! Also his hyperkinetic behavior has calmed down to about half of what it was 2 weeks ago. I am so thankful and grateful to have found you guys and this amazing product.