Jeb's Breeds:

Jeb came to us 4 years ago after he was pushed around into 5 different homes. You can imagine this has left it’s toll on his mental status. Jeb has always been very reclusive and sad. From the beginning when Jeb first came to us, he’s had extremely bad skin problems. Constant ear infections and suffers extremely from allergies of all kind. Jeb also suffers greatly with anxiety from Thunderstorms. Since Jeb has gotten older, he started to develop spondylosis and arthritis. So not wanting to solely rely on harsh painkillers, I have started him on the Max drops as well. Since last week, Jeb has only needed 2 doses of pain meds. Jeb used to take 1-2 doses every day. So your product speaks volumes as for pain relief. He’s also becoming more and more relaxed and seems not as insecure. We had a pretty bad storm last Friday and I was completely amazed that he slept calmly through the entire storm. This is amazing!!! Especially from a dog that will panic so badly that he vomits and hides for hours in a closet. Thank you so much for this amazing product and we can’t wait to share more of what’s to come.