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Me and Frodo would love to thank you on such a grateful level! Frodo turned 10 several years ago and he started having seizures. He had one and then didn’t for 6 months…had another and then didn’t for over a year. Then he started having them a couple months apart and then almost every month. Vets didn’t know what to do. Then on New Year’s Eve of 2016 he had 2 back to back and it rocked his poor little brain…his eyes were shifting back and forth really fast, he kept flinging his head to the right…it was a nightmare. We rushed him to emergency and they said they had to keep him for 24 hours. He was 13 at this time and I didn’t think he was going to survive this…it was bad. The next day the vets said he is recovering but it’s going to be a few weeks of slowly getting his equilibrium back. He amazingly recovered and recovered incredibly well! While he was recovering I looked into a few things and Canna-Pet was one of them. He has been on your Max products ever since and has NOT had a seizure since, that is almost 8 months and NO seizure…this is incredible and brings tears to my eyes because he is a happy, healthy, playful as ever boy!!!

So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,