Health Issues:
Blu's Breeds:

After having Blu on over 20 pills a day and 3 of them were tramadol for severe disco spondylosis since January and the infection not only affected his lower back disc and nerves but it also did bone morphing & affected a disc in his neck. After 6 months of treatment, we were having ups and downs and he was placed on more meds and steroids. His health and appetite went south within 1 day and and continued for 1 week to get so bad that I thought my boys life was near the end. I was calling the vet every day to see what else I could do and I was told to give my dog a bland diet. Changing my dogs diet (grain free limited ingredient) who’s poop was perfect and the only change was his medications. I wanted resolution and or to change his meds and I again was told to change his diet. After a conversation with a friend about hemp treatment and reviewing different options I ordered Canna-Pet MAX treats. They were delivered mid day on Thursday of last week so my wife and I decided to start fresh in the morning. After giving him treat 1 in less than 20 minutes he was hopping around and howling like an excited puppy and devoured his food. The next day he was feeling so good he went swimming and his huge pity smile was after he got out of the pool!

As of today, we are now 1 week using the Canna-Pet MAX treats and he has not received 1 pain medication and his health continues to improve tremendously and he is better than ever! Thank you sooooo much.