Health Issues:

Ginger is a seven year old Araucana chicken. She is the smartest and sweetest chicken I have ever known. She comes when she’s called, just like a dog and used to fly into the yard and knock on the slider to come in for treats.
About a month ago I noticed she wasn’t doing well. She would spend the day under a bush and not go out with the other chickens. When I picked her up, her belly was very hard. That can be an indication of tumors. I started to give her some liquid minerals and nano silver and she perked up a bit, but still didn’t move around much and wouldn’t come for treats. Then a friend told me about Canna-Pet. I was given a sample of powder to try, but Ginger would have none of it. She turned up her nose and walked away. Fortunately my friend had some Canna-Pet oil and gave me some to try.
Well, Ginger loved it! After a few days, she started moving around more. She would hang with the other girls and come for treats. After a week she was wandering the property like she used to. Her eyes are brighter and she is more alert. She seems to be enjoying chicken life again. I just put 2-3 drops in some fruit and she gobbles it up. I know that hemp oil is good for people, but I had not idea what it could do for animals. I am so grateful that the kind, compassionate people of Canna-Pet created these product to help the animals that we love.