Health Issues:
Duke's Breeds:

My 13 year old dalmatian named Duke has degenerative disc disease, it is very painful and sometimes he can’t get up unassisted. The vet prescribed 300mg Gabapentin, 150mg Tramadol, and 50mg Rimadyl twice a day to help him with his pain. I hated giving him so much medication, he was always sleepy and it just seemed like a lot of meds to be taking. About 1 year ago I found Canna-Pet, I now give him 1 Max treat twice a day and we were able to stop giving him the Gabapentin and I cut back the Tramadol to 50mg twice a day, I feel SO much better about this and he gets up out of bed without issue now and even chases after my other two dogs sometimes! He also sees my chiropractor twice a week which has helped tremendously. I am sure that without Canna-Pet and my chiropractor, we would have been faced with euthanasia over a year ago! I volunteer with a local dog rescue group and I have told many of our volunteers about the products, I know several people who have tried them and love the results! Not only is Canna-Pet a great product but the customer service is amazing as well! I had an issue with the delivery of 2 boxes, they arrived completely crushed, obviously not at the fault of Canna-Pet, but I contacted them to see if there was a shipping contact I could reach out to and instead they just shipped me two new boxes, no hassle, no issue at all! Great customer service is hard to come by these days, it was a nice surprise to be treated so well!