Health Issues:

My cat was diagnosed with bowl cancer on June 5th. Shattered by the news looked into hemp & ordered Canna-Pet liquid! Shipping was so fast & started giving my boy who is 17yrs young with perfect blood work I started with first trying so hard to figure out what was so wrong. Then started looking into this AMAZING OIL from Canna-Pet. Took him back to the vet 3 weeks later to find out he lost NO more weight & his tumor had shrunk!!!! And gum color was good also eating & drinking which he had stopped. Just re-ordered our 2nd bottle of Canna-Pet & can’t wait to get here to take him back to hear CANCER IS GONE!!!! ❤ I can’t believe I heard the word cancer & then hear CANCER is shrinking!!!! ❤ LOVE MY BOY HARLEY & CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR CANNA-PET KILLED HARLEYS CANCER!!!! WE BELIEVE!!!!! WE HAVE FAITH!!!! WE ARE STRONG…. TOGETHER WE ARE KICKING CANCERS ASS WITH CANNA-PET! !!!