Health Issues:
Bella's Breeds:

My two dogs Bobby (silky terrier) and Bella (toy poodle) have been taking Canna-Pet treats daily now for a few months. They are usually very picky with their treats (and we own a dog bakery/boutique filled with treats) and they love their Canna-Pet treats! We started Canna-Pet for many reasons. Bella who is turning 6 in October was at the beginning stage of IVDD (intervertebral disk disease) and ever since she has been on Canna-Pet she has had no sign of back pain! They both love their Canna-Pet treat and make sure I don’t forget their daily cookie as they sit right beside the table they are kept on waiting for their treat. I am so happy I tried Canna-Pet and plan on keeping them on it as long as it keeps them happy!