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This is Dottie, she is approximately 5 years old and has been having seizures for 3 years. 4 months ago she had a seizure and we expected her to have a few during the day because that was her routine. We did as usual and kept her body cool with ice packs to keep her temps down until she had reached the 24 hour mark of no seizures, however this time it was different. For 8 days our sweet girl who is on 3 different types of seizure meds continued to have seizures and tremors. She would not go over an hour without one or the other. We called the vet as we went into the second day of seizures, increasing the meds as directed but to no avail. Not giving up on her was the best decision we made. During the days that passed we spoke with her vet about cannabis which we had read about and decided we’d try. We found canna pet and decided to try since it was made especially for fur babies. All I can say is thank you Canna Pet. Dottie is 4 months seizure free. She has not gone over 2 months since she began having seizures. So we are very excited. The doc is considering reducing her regular meds. Keeping her cool with ice packs for 8 days kept her from having brain damage but I do believe canna-pet has been beneficial in bringing us the puppy like attitude back that we had long forgotten and reducing the seizure activity.