Shelby's Breeds:

I am amazed how much Canna-Pet has changed our 9 year old yellow lab rescue Shelby life!! She is so much more active and happier. She has been on Canna-Pet for a little over a year. She has terrible allergies, arthritis and skin issues. We use to go to the veterinarian probably every three months with a hot spot or pain for her arthritis.

Since being on Canna-Pet she has not had one hot spot or been been to the veterinarian to help with her arthritis pain! She use to be on a prescription for her pain.. a high dose and two times a day. We have cut that down to a quarter tab at night… her allergies are so much better, we have cut back her allergy medicine dosage in half. She also has hair growing back on her even the veterinarian can’t believe it. Shelby veterinarian had not seen Shelby in so long, she thought we left her practice and went to a new veterinarian. Canna-Pet has made Shelby such a more happier and active dog….it is amazing.

She use to be your usual lazier yellow lab.. she is so much more active and loves to move around and run. I am a huge advocate for Canna-Pet… we tell everyone about it! It is natural… so no bad side effect of Kidney or Liver damage or failure. Doesn’t make her sick… or have any side effects. It has changed Shelby and our life! Thank you so much Canna-Pets!