Rosie's Breeds:

My beautiful 12 year old “your guess is as good as mine” mutt Rosie was in so much pain due to arthritis in her feet, she could barely walk. Her mind still wants to go for walks, play ball, and wrestle with her brother but she was clearly uncomfortable moving. Nothing gave her relief. A friend suggested canna-pet after it helped her cat. We finally tried it and I could see the difference right away. She still has mobility issues, but she seems much happier in her disposition and more comfortable. We don’t walk like we used to, I don’t throw the ball very far, but she is wrestling like a puppy with her eight year old pittie brother! While I bought the canna-pet for her arthritis, I noticed her anxiety lessened as well and she’s much calmer on top of everything else–and added plus!

Thank you Canna-pet for helping my baby girl live a more comfortable life in her senior years!