Health Issues:
Demetri's Breeds:

I have a dog that likes to be called Demetri. He’s a spunky eight year old Maltese. We’ve had him since he was a couple months old, and life with him has always been a rollercoaster ride. Demetri started having seizures around a year ago, we believe it was due to a tick bite behind his right ear. The vets barely helped us, all they did was clean the wound and have us carry on. His seizures went from the “chewing gum” type to full blown foaming at the mouth, falling over, “swimming” motions, lockjaw and being unable to control his bladder. His seizures can be started from something as simple as laying down to fall asleep, to someone walking through the front door.  He was having 10 in a month and we were ready to tear our hair out from feeling so helpless. One day after a particularly horrid seizure, I discovered Canna-Pet and read all these success stories. I decided I had nothing to lose, my pupper-dog needed something to help relieve his pain. I was desperate by this point. We ordered the liquid form, the highest dosage. For a while it stopped the pain and seizures all together. Eventually, the seizures came back and we went back to the drawing board. I came to the fact that we needed more medicine. We now use seizure medicine AND Canna-Pet. After every seizure I give Demetri his drops, and I cannot express enough the relief I feel when after a seizure my dog comes back to me. Every day he gets one of the biscuits and acts like a puppy every time he sees the box. He loves them. Instead of him gasping for air and almost passing out, he can breathe. Instead of him stumbling around dazed and half blind, he only walks a bit disoriented. Instead of him not recognizing even me, he wags his tail after his seizure happy to see me. Instead of him being out of commission for hours, he comes back to me minutes after his seizure, which I cannot express enough is amazing. The Canna-Pet helps relax him and he can sleep off the worst of the aftermath from his seizures. Within hours it’s like it never happened. The first time he seized and we gave him Canna-Pet I cried from relief. Seizures in general can lead to brain issues due to a lack of oxygen. Canna-Pet helps with that issue and makes it so his seizures are never that severe again. I don’t take his life for granted. I know very well one day he might never recover from his seizures. I give him the fullest life possible, full of adventures and meeting new people. I refuse to let this handicap him. There’s nothing like watching your baby fall over and seizing. I hope nobody ever goes through this, because it tears at your soul in a vicious way. His anxiety and nervousness has decreased significantly, especially if I have to leave him for a short while. We all want to do whatever we can for the animals in our lives. Canna-Pet helps in more ways than one, and in the most amazing ways possible.