Health Issues:
Libby's Breeds:

My girl started with what her family thought were allergies in April of this year. She was on antibiotics and predinsone. She had a nose bleed on Saturday, July the 8th so I took her to Cincinnati care center in Cincinnati Ohio. They cared for her and the following week we had a CT scan and a Scope done to look in her nose an throat. They also took tissue for biopsy and well my biggest fear came true. My baby girl has carcinoma nasal cancer. My beautiful Boston baby turned 9 yrs old on April 13th, so we begin radiation treatment at Cincinnati Care Center. She has trouble sleeping and as I joined a wonderful helpful group for nasal cancer support group someone suggested this special biscuits an you order them from Canna-Pet, so I’ve ordered an we are waiting for them any day now. I love my crazy little Boston baby and want to keep her comfortable as I can. She’s a spunky girl, she’s 25lb beastie girl as I say. Thank you Canna-Pet for making these wonderful safe products for all the loved pets who are struggling with many things and thank you for the love of animals.