Health Issues:
Cutie's Breeds:

My pom/chu I bought her for $100 when A breeder was selling her at the young age of 2weeks old, since cutie was separated from her mother pup to early she did not learn many things other pups learn from there mothers she in return developed anxiety issues, IBS , and canine OCD with severe aggression. The vet tried putting her on prozac which seemed to improve her aggression by reducing it but then she adapted to the medicine and it was not longer working, she then got worse in terms of aggression and anxiety . she also has always had a fragile digestive system so we’ve had to stay away from most human foods unless it is boiled chicken and rice and natural ingredient based treats and foods. I lost hope in putting my furbaby on meds from the vet pacifically because the side effects at times make things worse. so I tried cutie on canna pet hard treats she wont eat them with out organic plain yogurt or doggy peanut butter spread on them but once i do that she absolutely loves them. I’ve noticed such a change in her behavior in terms of anxiety. we are still training and working on aggression in terms of biting barking aggressively and attacking but while consuming canna pet training is so much more effective and easier. Also I’ve noticed her stomach issues have improved since using canna pet. I’m so grateful to have found something all natural that helps my furbaby have a happy canine life with out it i’m not sure what we could do. though life is still a challenge for me and my furbabies cutie is able to live a happier life, canna pet has made training an option, I can’t wait to see how much better cutie does when consuming this everyday.