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I am pleased to announce that since I started Harley on Canna-Pet 60 days ago Harley has had one seizure. This is HUGE as he was having several in a months time. The most being 5 in a day every two weeks. I give him 3 biscuits a day. This has helped him and me tremendously. More him than me as it was just heart wrenching to watch him have a seizure with the only thing I could do was talk to him,repeatedly saying his name and telling that it was ok. With so many of those times not really knowing if he was going to be ok or not. I prayed he’d be ok. I am confident that with the help of this product that Harley will be ok now.. Thank you so much . I highly recommend this product to all pet owners who may find themselves in a situation of having an animal that suffers from seizures. Harley strongly recommends them as well as I am certain he is much happier now as well. Thank you Canna-Pet