Olive's Breeds:

Canna-Pet’s MAX Liquid—it is really a life-saver for me and my girl Olive.

Olive is a semi-giant-breed mutt—something like Great Dane, German Shephard, and Heinz 57. I call her a Great Danish. She and I have been together for 13 years now. She was a rescue, and she’s been pretty anxious all her life: intense “stranger-danger” if one comes into the house, so much so she’s tried to bite. As she’s a big dog, this was a big problem. Keeping her active and socialized—in day care—helped to calm her anxiety. She loves to walk and hike and solve math problems (how many chipmunks can fit in a 3-foot deep hole, etc.)

Now she’s got arthritis, though—she’s got a long back, and long legs—and arthritis is all over her spine. The vet had prescribed a liquid oral pain medication, a canine NSAID, which helped, but it was hard on her stomach…so then came antacids. We also tried gabapentin, but this made her unsteady and was therefore counter-productive. I was thinking of acupuncture, but the pain was making Olive even more nervous—I couldn’t imagine subjecting her to a stranger with needles.

In the early summer, things got really bad—her overall quality of life just tanked. She seemed trapped between anxiety, arthritis, and digestive pain. I feared it was the end.

And then Canna-Pet. A friend suggested that I look into clinical trials at the local vet school—but none were going on. So I googled, found & read about Canna-Pet, tried the MAX liquid, 3-4 drops 3-4 times per day…. It is amazing. Noticed effects within a week; with steady use, the results have steadily increased. Olive has returned to her happy, elegant, active, wonderful self. And she’s so much less anxious—so, she’s learning new pleasures: strangers! I’ve even had a party, and Olive had a good time. The MAX liquid has opened up Olive’s life again—and mine too. She’s moving so well that I stopped the daily dose of liquid NSAID; now I give it only as needed, if she overdoes it.

Canna-Pet has been a life-saver for us: easy, gentle, effective. And also: Olive does not seem stoned or anything: she’s alert and agile. Just less anxiety and less pain. Which equals more fun, more quality of life. We are so glad and grateful for the folks at Canna-Pet.