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Euro's Breeds:

My best friend Euro, a 4 year old German Shepard who I love bc he was there for me when I came back from Afghanistan. At age 4 he started having seizures. I took him to the vet and spent hundreds of dollars on blood work and visits. I had no choice but to get him on seizure medichine which may cause harm to his lever and quite expensive to keep up with, taking 1 pill twice a day. 2 months later he still was having mini seizures on the medicine. I thought I need to do some research. I came across Canna-Pet and figured I’d give it a try. I had nothing to lose. I’m a so grateful of this company bc 7 months later on Canna-Pet he hasn’t had one, not one seizure. I asked his vet if he’s heard of cannabis or Canna-Pet and he said yeah but there’s not enough research conducted to prove that it works. I asked him why wouldn’t you at least make me aware of it so I could be the judge of trying it. Long story short it works and I’m greatful to help my bff despite what it may cost me bc euro was there for me to comfort me when I had issues after deployment to Afghanistan. Thanks Canna-Pet!!