Health Issues:
Benjamin's Breeds:

First started having seizures in January 2016 and diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in February 2016. Approximately every 14 days from mid-February on he was having cluster seizures resulting in 8 grand Mal seizures in a 4 hour time frame. Both his Neurologist and Vet both said he was on a downward spiral so that’s when I read up on Canna pet hoping for some relief for my Furbie. Timeline below aft starting CannaPet. 5/27/16 Ben started on Canna-Pet Max in conjunction with his Pheno & Keppra. 6/16/16 23 days out he had 4 seizures 2-Mild, 2-grand Mal within a 4 hour period. 7/07/16 21 days out he had 4 seizures 3-Mild, 1- grand Mal within a 3 hour period. 8/02/16 26 days out he had 2 seizures 1-Mild, 1-grand Mal within a 2 hour period. During his last episode I gave him an extra 1/2 capsule between the 2 the 2 seizures to see if this would help to slow the clusters down, since he only had 2 we shall see on his next go around. Benjamin’s Vet was skeptical at first but was all for the hemp supplements and wished Ben the best. Upon notifying his Vet this Morning about his seizure activity on 8/2/16 he could not believe how well Ben is doing. Ben’s demeanor has not changed one bit he plays, fetches newspaper every morning and even plays very well with our new male Jack. This supplement has been a real blessing for both Ben and myself for it is just heart wrenching being so helpless during these attacks. Thank you Canna-Pet for your research into this field of care.