Sophie is no doubt a big dog…who thinks she’s a cat. She used to lay on the head rest of the couch and sleep on top of the pool table; she always manages to find strange places to hang out. She would nap and play in our bed which was pretty high off the ground. And after falling off one day while she was playing in the sheets, her back was never the same. She would manage to get into the bed and when she’d jump off- she wouldn’t squeak of cry- she would literally scream and collapse. We had to keep the door closed, so she wouldn’t be able to get in the bed. She didn’t want to move around anymore, which made her thrown out back weaker. She stopped getting excited by the leash, and if we did go for a walk she would be miserable the rest of the night from pain. She stopped greeting me at the door. I started buying baby aspirin. I began taking her to physical therapy, which got pretty expensive at the pace we were going with it. We would have to drive 30-40 minutes to her appointments, 1-2 times a week. I was torn apart at the thought of not being able to keep up with it because I knew it helped her so much and started asking friends if they knew anything else I could do. After a suggestion to look in to Hemp, I found Canna-Pet and instantly ordered 3 boxes. I could have never imagined the effects Canna-Pet would have- it’s like I have a puppy again. She’s at the door smiling and wagging every time I come home. She is relaxed, but bright eyed with energy. She begs for a walk every chance she gets. I know she felt a rush of relief when we started with the biscuits too because as soon as she realized she wasn’t in pain she was doing full-on-sprinting laps around the backyard. She’s herself again. I feel like I’ve added so much to her life, and it gives me so much relief to know she’s not in pain. I still take her to physical therapy every now and then, but its only just to make sure she stays strong- especially during winter. She’s out of pain. Canna-Pet has added so much quality to my dog’s life and mine because it’s such a relief for me to know she not hurting. We will absolutely be lifelong Canna-Pet customers.