Jayli's Breeds:

My Jayli has not had an easily life. Was picked up as a stray at 10 months after having a litter of pups. I adopted her soon after, her health slowly declined… She was at the vet constantly for her allergies and nothing helped. After a year I took her health into my own hands going after a natural route. I found what worked for her but the joy was short lived. Her mobility soon became an issue. She went in for X-rays, we found my poor 2 year old Staffie mix had very severe arthritis in her back, along with mild Hip Dysplasia. Soon enough I again found something that worked for her, a horse supplement. I found this helped her a lot and she doing well again. Jayli is now 5 years old and is having mobility issues yet again, my once active dog can no longer walk up the stairs on a daily bases. My local marijuana dispensary started selling Canna-Pet treats! She loves them and they help her so much. 3 little biscuits before we go out for an adventure.. Nothing can slow her down now! She has so many years left and thanks to Canna-Pet she can live those out as herself, and pain free!! Thank you Canna-Pet for your wonderful organic product. You have gained a customer for life.