Baylee “Baylee-boop”

Health Issues:

This is Baylee, aka “Baylee-boop”. We live in Huntsville, Alabama having moved here 4 years ago from Northern Virginia. We adopted Baylee when she was 2 years old (she’s now 8!) and she was clearly mistreated based on her high anxiety behaviors. We have been working with her all this time to help ease her anxieties but nothing really worked; when she’s frightened or anxious, she runs into the master bedroom closet, hides under the coats and stays there for hours. We finally tried CBD oil from another vendor and it didn’t seem to work. Finally, we were referred to Canna-Pet by our Vet and bought the MAX capsules and give her 1 capsule 2x/day. After a couple of weeks, we noticed less time in the closet and less frequent trips to the closet to begin with. Fast forward a few months to now, and Baylee plays more with her buddy Booboo (he’s 4), seems to have more energy and is far less inclined to head to the closet, except during major thunderstorms or major fireworks. We’ll continue using this product as long as it works so well for her! Thanks, Canna-Pet!