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Ashe's Breeds:

My Ashe is an unusual mix. His mom is 3/4 Husky, 12.5% GSD, and 12.5% Lab while his dad is a full blooded Chihuahua. I have a huskyhuahua who up until this summer was a very brave 25 lb boy. All the sudden loud noises, thunder, gun shots, etc. began making him scared. He’s always been clingy, but we were camping when some far off explosions started going off. We live in the mountains, so it’s not unusual for people to blow things up. However, he climbed up my leg and was shaking so hard that I thought he had ingested a toxic substance of some kind. Long story short, it was because of the explosions and he settled down after an hour. Then, when the thunder started, it was having the same effect on him. Knowing what great products the treats and capsules were, I started giving him a treat when I knew storms were coming. I even started him on a daily regimen of capsules because we are getting storms daily. He still comes to sit under my chair or in my lap when they come, but the shaking has stopped, so I have a much calmer less nervous “Buddy” Ashe now. I’m so thankful for the products. Less nervous pup equals much less nervous momma. So now two of my dogs enjoy the Canna-Pet product line!