Health Issues:
Basil's Breeds:

Basil was used solely for breeding when I found him. He had turned 6 so the family was retiring him. He had not been treated very well being kept in a crate most of the time with small breaks to go potty and do his job. He has a ton of anxiety and I soon discovered seizures. I had never experienced a seizure before and was really scared and didn’t know what was wrong the first time it happened and they clearly scare him too. It took a couple years before I discovered hemp oil and how it could help him. I took a leap of faith and ordered the biscuits from canna-pet and started him on it. He still has seizures, but the severity of them has lessened noticeably. I took him off the biscuits for about a month and his seizures got super intense again. Just a couple weeks ago I put him on the max drops so we will see how he does with that. The most noticeable thing I have seen in him so far is his anxiety has gotten so much better. He is now 9 and a much different dog than when I found him. He plays with other dogs, though he is pretty selective about which ones, and plays on his own. He has even started standing up to the cat! Really remarkable. I’m excited to see what continued use of these products will bring.