Pete's Breeds:

Pete got diagnosed with a very aggressive bladder cancer (TCC) last November. The vet gave him around 2-5 months to live and we were absolutely devastated. We did our first surgery to remove some of the growths and he was a complete zombie on his pain meds and it killed me to see him like that. Before his second surgery, I discovered Canna-pet and ordered the oil. We used the prescription pain meds prescribed to us for about two days but then weaned off of those and started to use the oil. He was a whole different dog- awake and alert but not in much pain either. We have continued to use the oil throughout his chemo treatments and have been amazed with the results. He has managed to keep his appetite despite the chemo and whenever he has a day where he isn’t feeling too great, we give him a few extra drops and it soothes him enough where he can sleep peacefully. We are now pushing 11 months since his original diagnosis and he is holding strong. I am so thankful for your company and how your products are helping to prolong my little guy’s life while keeping him comfortable and acting like himself. Also, your customer service is amazing.