Barrington's Breeds:

I adopted Barringon just over a month ago. They say he’s between 7-8 years old. As you know, we live on top of one another here in the East Village. Barrington still has some separation anxiety and I was told he was barking for hours when I leave for work. A friend recommended that I try hemp. I ordered my first bottle of oil out of desperation. I watched many videos of training him bit it all looked to be a long process with methodical practice and I needed something quick to resolve the situation to appease my neighbors. It seemed to have help. We now have a routine. I wake up earlier to spend extra time with “Barry” before work. Walk in the park and now testing out our skills at the small dog run. I give him the oil before I depart, leave the Godfather on for him for company (it’s approx 3 hours), the radio plays WKCR to block out the stairwell/hall noise throughout the day and treats to help occupy him. He stills barks I hear but a lot less. It helps him relax and soon after I leave he can sleep, with out worry. I am very grateful for this product. It was instant relief and I also use it when we travel in the car for long distances. Thank you.