Rocky's Breeds:

I have had the Rock Star (Rocky) since July of 2015. He was a back yard dog and his owner passed away and the family dumped him at the local shelter. A rescue we support reached out to me and I drove an hour each way to get him, sight unseen. They told me he was a big boy and that was an understatement as he was also a wild child with not knowing what was going on being in a small space for 2 weeks.

It was July 5th and every shelter gets an inflex of animals coming in that got out due to the 4th of July. What that sadly means for the animals that are there looking for their forever home, is that their time gets cut very short. He was going down if I did not take him. At close to #100 and not yet fixed at 10 years old, he was quite a handful to say the least (and NOT housebroke or social with other dogs) and I had other dogs.

The first year was tough to say the least. It’s now been over 2 years since I had to wrestle him into the crate to bring him home. He is now housebroke, fixed , much better with other dogs and the love of my life. (So you truly can teach an old dog new tricks! )

Canna Pet has been very helpful, as he clearly never had great quality food or supplements. Being a big guy and now 12, sometimes getting going the am is tough. I do give him other supplements to help with his joints and mobility but Canna-Pet really helps with keeping him mobile and for sure with getting a good nights rest as he is not in pain. ​When he sleeps well, we sleep well 😉