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Seizures American Pit Bull Terrier

My 10 year old Pitt has been doing great and has been 27 days seizure free since starting the cannapet pills. He sleeps peacefully, still has energy during the day and definitely has less anxiety.

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Hyperactive, Seizures American Pit Bull Terrier, Boxer, Mixed

I bought Naima a 3-pack of CBD biscuits from Canna-Pet and her appetite is back to her voracious normal, and there have been no more seizures. She also seems to have chilled out quite a bit and is much less jumpy. All the improvements have started since I started giving her the biscuits daily.

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Cancer American Pit Bull Terrier

2 months ago my best buddy, Dude, was diagnosed with a nasal cancer. After researching the best CBDs to add to his treatment we found Canna Pet. We immediately noticed a change in his energy level and mood after the first dose.

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Aggression Boxer, American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed

We were devastated and struggled with having Rugby euthanized. We were told about Canna pet treats and decided to try them – we were in amazement at how well they worked. Rugby became very docile and showed no aggression or interest toward our smaller dogs.

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Anxiety, Shivering American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed

His energy is back. His skin doesn’t shiver when I touch his hind legs. He’s running again. Thank you Canna-pet! I’m hoping it continues to improve but am so grateful for his happiness now.

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Aging, Arthritis, Pain American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed

My dog Amber has arthritis in her hips. Before we gave her Cannapet Large, two caps per day, her left back leg was very atrophied. After giving it to her she felt better, was more active, and her leg muscle returned! Cannapet is amazing – now she can play with your younger dog, Nomad.

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Anxiety American Pit Bull Terrier

I just wanted to let you guys know what a benefit the Canna-Pet Organic Biscuits have been for my dog George. He is definitely more relaxed, not whining or nervous all the time like he used to be. He is a much happier, more playful dog. Thank you so much!

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Marley Caputo

Allergies, Pain American Pit Bull Terrier

We started giving Marley Canna-Pet biscuits after his first ACL tear (the second one came soon after) and never turned back!! We love what Canna-Pet did for him when we was in pain, but also for his allergies and his silky smooth coat! Canna-Pet has become a staple for our pup!

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Showing 1 – 24 of 95 Testimonials