Health Issues:
Zoie's Breeds:

Zoie is a 12 year old Fila Mastiff. My name is Kelley, I’ve been her mommy since she was 8 weeks old, and I love her as my child. We moved to Maui five years ago from Las Vegas. Zoie had been enjoying our beach walks and all of the island fun she could stand until about 8 months ago. I could see she was having a difficult time getting up and down and losing her balance. I had her on all kinds of heavy duty joint meds and a few prescription pain relievers. They worked at first, but the vet warned of the side effects and I noticed they were less and less effective. I have a wonderful holistic vet who asked if I’d ever heard of Cannapet. I had not. I had been giving Zoie an over the counter hemp oil and even some homemade cannibis oil, which worked a little bit. But I didn’t like her having the THC in the homemade batch and I didn’t see a big enough result, for the price, for the over the counter oil. Long story short, I started Zoie on Cannapet about 30 days ago and the results have been a miracle!! What I love most is that her spirits are up and she seems very happy and pain free. She gets up and down a little easier and tries to walk as far as her breath will take her. I still take her for walks in her wagon, but now she asks to get out and sniff around along the way. The great news is that I have completely taken her off of the prescription pills!!
Thank you Cannapet!! I have already turned 3 fellow pet lovers on to your product. I just can’t stop singing your praises. The quality of life you have given my big girl is priceless.