I have seen many testimonials about how Canna-Pet has helped so many dogs but this is about my cat. I share my life with a 13 year old Lynx-point Siamese girl named Zoey, she has been with me since she was 5 weeks old. Several years ago Zoey started having a hard time jumping then very quickly she began having difficulty walking and was not always making it to her litter pan in time. I took her to the vet and he diagnosed her with Lumbosacral Stenosis which is a narrowing of the vertebral canal, it was most likely caused by an injury she had when she was very young and playing to rough with the dog. Treatments for cats in pain are very limited, and she was put on a human anti seizure med which made her sleepy and drugged acting. I had used Canna-Pet on my old dog for his aches and pains and it worked well so I asked Zoey’s vet about trying it with her. The vets only concern was that because her breed is prone to seizure that he wanted me to call Canna-Pet and ask about that. I called and was told that seizures had not been reported as a side effect so I chose to try it. Zoey has been taking Canna=Pet for years now, she is still walking on her own, her pain is much better she rarely hisses or bites when I lift her now whereas before her pain was so bad she would bite and protest loudly when she had to be lifted. I tried the using CBD oil as a supplement to a capsule of Canna-Pet but Zoey, like most cats, does not like the idea of having something that tastes strange put on her food or in her mouth. The capsules of Canna-Pet are small and I just open her mouth and drop it in , she swallows it with no problem. Zoey’s vet is amazed how well she is doing, he says if he ever has another cat with LS he would tell them about how well Zoey does on Canna-Pet!