My name is Sarah Secoda and I’m a volunteer and vet tech for Beacon Animal Rescue here in Southern New Jersey. I want to share with you an amazing story that your product helped to make happen.
One of our beloved volunteers passed away almost 2 years ago. Our hearts were broken by her untimely death, and those of her beloved cats as well. After a year, her family made the very difficult decision to surrender her cats to our shelter knowing we would do everything in our power to care for them and find them loving homes. So we welcomed Izzy, Meep and Perry into our rescue. For Izzy and Meep, two very outgoing cats, adoption came quickly and we celebrated this new chapter in their lives.
But then there was Perry… The shy, nervous cat was so bonded to Melissa and her passing amounted to what was basically PTSD. He hid from everyone, cats and people alike. He trembled at the most gentle touch, any noise would panic him and send him scrambling for a hiding place. But what concerned us the most was his refusal to eat and rapid weight loss. Our veterinarian did a through exam and testing but came up empty handed, nothing was medically wrong with him. It became apparent to myself and the cat coordinator that he needed to be in foster and possibly medications to address his anxiety.
We’re a small non profit organization and foster homes are hard to come by. I usually reserve my home for medical fosters but as someone who has suffered from anxiety I felt a connection with Perry so I brought him home.
The first 3-4 weeks were tough. He was eating well but hid in the closet of the room I had him in all day, every day. He would allow me to pick him up, but his heart was always racing, pupils dilated and I could feel how much he was suffering. As a vet tech, I knew that he would be a candidate for SSRI therapy but I also knew that there were side effects and wide range of results. I remembered then how CBD oil helped my friend, an Iraq war veteran who served 2 tours and experienced such loss and terror that he came back broken, a shell of the person he was. That is until he found an amazing veteran support group that enlightened him to powerful and effective treatment with CBD. He got his life back thanks to CBD. So it was my hope that maybe Perry could benefit from it as well.
So here we are. Over a month of treatment with Canna- Pet. How’s he doing you ask? Well, I’ve attached a video of our sweet boy so you can see for yourselves. Perry no longer hides in the closet. He loves to sit on the window sill and watch birds, play with toys and he demands cuddles and pets now. He’s even begun joining us on our screened in porch and enjoys the fresh air. Loud noises or my rambunctious 3 yr old still startle him, but he quickly recovers and resumes his peaceful, happy life.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you Canna- Pet. Perry has his life back now. He’s on his way to finding his new forever home and that never would’ve been possible before we found your product. Thank you!