Health Issues:
Zeppelin's Breeds:

Zeppelin is a five yr old chow chow he was surrender by his owners. As a puppy they took him to a trainer then life for him went down hill. The trainer used to loop his leash over his head and hold it on the opposite side of the door till he calmed down. After that Zeppelin wouldn’t let any one near his head no less a leash that made it harder for him to be adopted out. Chow rescue from N.Y. heard about him and contacted me to see if I would foster him. I was willing to give this poor guy a chance. During the year that I had him he went after my husband 3 times and bite him once so bad that he had to get stitches. After the 3rd time I called the rescue to let them know I was out of ideas for this guy they told me about Canna- Pet I never heard of it so I was willing to try it. I gave it to him same time every day in a.m. and p.m. after while he wasn’t eating that well so I cut it back once in the morning. If it wasn’t for the meds I don’t know what else we could had done for him. Zeppelin’s life started OVER when we put him on Canna-PET.