Willie's Breeds:

Willie came to live with us at age nine, when her person got dementia and her bird found another home. No one wanted Willie so we took her in. It took her awhile to make the adjustment and some days were definitely longer than others but now we are there. Too bad I did not think to use CannaPet to help Willie then, as we already had it on board for those crazy Florida storms and our fearful dogs. It was a out a year later that Willie developed mammary gland cancer and had to have surgery and then four rounds of chemo. The chemo made her nauseous but the CannaPet was almost a miracle to stop it. Originally it was recommended by my vet, who did not sell it and therefore had no vested interest other than the well being of my kids. The storms are still here, but hopefully Willie has a good prognosis as her cancer was ‘caught early’. And CannaPet is always close at hand. Thank you for taking interest in our story. Willie is a sweet loving little girl who has totally bonded, but the nausea still has its days. I tell both my friends about your CannaPet. It works.