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My dog Tycho has been battling epilepsy for the past year. It broke my heart when he was diagnosed and his unpredictable seizures left me feeling helpless and at a state of constant alert. He was originally on a mild dose of Kepra, which affected his mood by lowering his energy and making him more needy. He stopped letting himself out through the dog door and instead would just hold it in until someone could take him out. Even on Kepra, seizures would still slip through every other week and I wondered if the med was even working. In addition to the above, I had to go through the vet to get Kepra, which often was difficult and inconvenient. When I began looking at hemp as a form of treatment for Tycho, I was a bit skeptical. I ordered Canna-Pet and it arrived quickly. When I shifted Tycho onto CannaPet, I noticed an immediate improvement in his attitude. He has more energy, a better appetite and he is more independent again like he was prior to Kepra. He lets himself out the dog door now. Hemp is also a bi-daily dose instead of a tri-daily dose, which makes leaving the dogs home alone during the work day a non-issue. Thank you again for your product. It has greatly improved not only Tycho’s daily life but also mine.