Health Issues:
Serenity's Breeds:

8 months ago she started loosing all the muscle mass on the left side of her skull and her eye was completely sunken in. We consulted a neurologist, and the neurologist thinks she has a tumor wrapping around her masticatory nerve. We started her on a high dose of predisone, which didn’t help at all it only made her drinking and urinating uncontrollable. So with no other options, we decided to try her on the Canna-Pet and within 2 weeks a noticeable difference could be seen, then after a month even greater improvement, now after 2 months of treatment with Canna-pet you can clearly see she is almost 100%. Her transformation is nothing short of amazing!! Everyone who saw her a few months ago comments on how much progress she has made. So thanks Canna Pet! Serenity is now back to being the gorgeous dog she was before her unfortunate condition developed.