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My baby girl lived so much longer on this and I have recommended to friends who have dogs and cats. Most important Tiffany stopped taking the capsules for 2 weeks and she started hacking again with her congestive heart failure. Once I received the drops her hacking stopped. She lived to be 17.4 years. This saved her to be as old as she was. She stayed with me to make sure after my mom’s death in May 2017 and Dad’s in June 2017 to make sure I was okay. If I did not have this she would have passed before the both of them. My friend with her cat is seeing results. Her cat has cancer. I take the human form to help with my autoimmune that keeps on popping up in many ways since the stress. I take it every day. I highly recommend it and when I get my new little girl pup she will be on it. It is worth it. Instead of sending back some unopened bottles I have given them away to help other pups. Tiffany would want that. Please try it for your pet and you.