Sylvie's Breeds:

My Chow-Pei Spaniel, Sylvie has had a bad year. She went deaf, had breast cancer and chemotherapy, an ulcer in her left eye, and is now blind although her eye has healed. The vet believes she had a stroke. She had arthritis when I got her 8 years ago at what I thought was age 3, but was probably age 5-6 since she now has calcium buildup in her right eye that vets only see in dogs aged 13 and up. Walking was becoming difficult and her front end became so muscular from compensating for her hips that she outgrew her collar. I bought a house without steps since she couldn’t manage them anymore. My new vet recommended Advanced Max while she was taking chemo in February and within two days her appetite increased, she became more lively, and enjoyed her walks more. I tried a cheaper brand and she began to go downhill. I seriously thought her death was imminent. She whined, would refuse to get up for a walk and appeared disoriented and acted like she was miserable. She even had two accidents in the house – unheard of for her. My vet reminded me that Canna Pet has by far more active hemp than any other brand and I switched back. Again, she improved within a couple of days. She is now not only remembering her tricks, but learning touch as cues, she can find the back door and scratch to get in (I marked them with lemon oil), enjoys going for walks again, and it seems like she is still improving. She walked around the block the other day for the first time in 2 months, up a big hill. Most importantly, she is happy. Even banging around the house and the yard like a Roomba vacuum cleaner, she doesn’t mind. When she whines, it’s because she wants dinner or to go out or for her massage. She smiles often, is more lively and gets excited doing her tricks (she can hear the clicker). It had to be the Canna-Pet as none of her other supplements and diet has changed. Thank you Canna-Pet. I won’t try to cheap out again.