Taz's Breeds:

All I can say is wow. I was extremely skeptical as my dog is a German Shepherd and after previous experiences with the breed I know that once arthritis kicks in it is only a downwards spiral. We did 2 weeks of the Max and I kept trying to come up with excuses for his improvement as I refused to believe the pills were actually helping him this much; it just didn’t make sense. The more people I spoke with, however, the more I heard about activated hemp in general and started to think maybe it was the pills. We sadly ran out quicker than I could order and within 4 days you could start to see the pain effect him again and him be reluctant to walk. We just made our second order and are now on auto-ship to avoid any lapses again. I can’t thank my vet enough for the recommendation and can’t thank Canna-Pet enough for giving my dog a less painful walking experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.