Misty's Breeds:

Here is Misty, my 10 year old, 110 pound pit bull mix. I rescued Misty several years ago. She’s a former competition pulling dog. She came to me with a bum knee and now that she’s getting older her hips and back legs seem to be bothering her a lot more. We have tried all sorts of joint supplements to help her get along, but nothing really seemed to give her relief. Our vet offered tramadol, but she was just a miserable bump on a log. Then it was suggested to try costly Adequan shots. The shots are costly so I started to look into other options for her. I was referred to Canna-Pet and the price wasn’t any more than the joint supplements we were previously purchasing so I decided to give them a try for our big Misty girl. Well so far so good! I emailed Canna-Pet via its website for suggestions on what products to use and dosage. In less than one week we noticed that Misty had more pep in her step. She shows less struggle getting up and down from her dog bed. She’s more excited to go for walks and her desire to play has increased.