Health Issues:
Sydney's Breeds:

Our 3 year old Aussie, Sydney, started having seizures in early August 2016. The frequency was only about every 3 weeks and they were mild so we just kept an eye on her. In November, she had a day where she clustered having 3 seizures within a 4 hour period. We had an MRI to rule out any other things that could be causing the seizures, but in the end, doctors diagnosed her with canine epilepsy. She began taking phenobarbital, but the side effects were gut wrenching. Aussies are very curious, orderly and active dogs. Sydney became clingy, her back legs didn’t work well, so jumping and running were not the same. She held her head down when she walked, began using the bathroom in the house, and generally looked heavily medicated most of the time. Worst of all she developed severe anxiety and via webcams we noticed she was frantically pacing for hours on end when we were not at home. By January we couldn’t stand watching her so anxious any more. A trainer that had worked with both our dogs before all of this suggested we research CBT to help with the anxiety. I did research on the web and found Canna-Pet. We began using Canna-Pet Advanced large pills and within the first week noticed her anxiety diminished greatly. We also give her Max CBT treats on days/times where we think she needs more support. She now holds her head up more and her motor skills have greatly improved. Best of all she doesn’t pace for hours on end! She will never be the Aussie we had before this, but her quality of life is so much better than it was before! She has only had one seizure since November 2016. She went just shy of 6 months without a seizure. I’m sure Canna-Pet has contributed to this factor and has defiantly improved her anxiety and reduced the other side effects of the phenobarbital. I wish more veterinarians knew about this product and used it with their pet patients. Just like humans we hand out chemical pills to our pets like candy before working with natural remedies. We are going to speak to our vet and perhaps see a more holistic vet to try and determine if we might be able to ween her off the chemicals and just use hemp. Thanks to Canna-Pet Sydney is happier!