Sprocket's Breeds:

Sprocket is a (soon to be) 7 year old female boxer/pit mix who has successfully been on Canna-Pet since May 1, 2017. Canna-Pet has been a life-changer for Sprocky, as she suffers from a number of ailments.

In November of 2015, out of the blue, she started experiencing extreme neck pain and could not move her head or neck. At first we feared she broke her neck wrestling with out other dog, Ratchet or perhaps suffered a stroke.

We brought her in to the Emergency Services at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University where she was seen by a neurologist. She was then diagnosed with IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease). She was in a lot of pain, and recovery from this episode was a long and hard one. She was put on a lot of pharmaceutical medications, the helped some – but they made her very tired, depressed and just not herself. Her neurologist and vet advised up to keep on the drugs for pain management however, to keep her comfortable.

This really shook our lives and was quite the rollercoaster. We documented her journey for our friends and family in a blog that can be seen here: https://sprocketrockit.wordpress.com/

Sprocket recovered from this episode, but still has semi-frequent “flare ups” of pain and swelling in her neck that force us back to all the Nsaids, nerve meds and narcotics she was prescribed. We fortunately know what to look for when she’s in pain (she appears stiff, her neck gets hot to the touch, etc), but we always have to run back to all the heavy drugs.

Fast forward to March of this year, and she suddenly started limping on her front left leg…the same side on the “bad disc” in her neck. Concerned her IVDD was now escalating, back to the vet we went for Xrays. Imaging showed some arthritis in her elbows and we were then referred to an Orthopedist at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University for another look. The Orthopedic surgeon reviewed Sprocket’s xrays and diagnosed her with Bilateral Elbow Disease….on top of the arthritis…and on top of the IVDD. (Are you kidding me?! My poor girl!) He told us to continue on the Nsaids, nerve meds and narcotics to manage her pain, but warned we should be doing blood work for her every 6 months because those meds are damaging to her kidneys & liver. He also suggested doing arthroscopic surgery on her elbows, but warned – the surgery is not always conclusive. Some dogs are better afterwards, some are exactly the same. It’s a crap-shoot.

This was a lot to take in. I want my Sprocky to be happy, healthy and pain free. I don’t want to give her drugs that alter her personality, or will damage her organs – but I can’t leave her suffering either.

That’s when I started looking at alternative medicine to see if there was something, anything out there that could help her. That’s when I found out about Canna-Pet. I was surfing Facebook on the ‘Handsome Dan’ page when I saw post about Canna-Pet. Handsome Dan had some good results…and other pet parents were commenting with their success stories too. I then went to Canna-Pet’s website and was reading everything on there. Soaking it all in, but also thinking this sounds too good to be true. How can one product help so many ailments? I was desperate however, and willing to try anything for Sprocket so long as it was safe for her.

I ordered the Hemp Science for Dogs Paperback Book, the Canna-Pet® Advanced Large- 60 capsules, and the Canna-Pet® Organic Biscuit Assortment – 3 Boxes.

The package came in (with a great info card) and I read the book overnight. I was blown away, but again still skeptical. The next day, May 1st we pulled her off the pharmaceutical meds and started her on Canna-Pet. She gets 2 cookies in in the morning, and 1 capsule at dinner time.

The first couple of days, she was in better spirits (not doped up on pain pills) and she was not really limping. She was still stiff-legging it, but we felt confident the Canna-Pet was helping her inflammation and pain; we didn’t feel any need to give her any Carprofin, Gabapentin or Tramadol.

After 1 full week, Sprocket was still going strong, well enough that I felt confident enough to bag up her drugs and put them away. She was full of piss and vinegar, wanting to wrestling with her brother Ratchet. As a result she was stiffer and limping again, but that is to be expected when she’s Sprocket-launching herself off the couch!

30 days on Canna-Pet (and OFF pharmaceutical drugs) and there was no need for any heavy-duty pain meds, nerve meds or NSaids

She had some minor limping/stiffness every now & again, but that was only after she ran/played. No holding up her paw/walking on 3 legs, no having to carry her down stairs, no neck inflammation, no need to ice her down (she still gets massages, cuz who doesn’t love/need a massage)…. she’s back to just being a dog.

45 day update: NO limping. NO stiffness. No flare-ups. No Tramadol, Carprofen or Gapapentin (heavy meds). No surgery. Just 2 cookies in the AM and 1 pill at dinner (in addition to her usual Green Lipid Mussel and Glucosamine).

Today is Day 82 and we are still holding strong & she’s in the best spirits, no side effects, and NO PAIN! This truly was the best decision we could have made for her; Canna-Pet has proved its worth to me ten-fold. We can’t wait to update her vet, Neurologist and Orthopedist!