Health Issues:

My 20 year old cat is named, Potchie. She has severe arthritis. A little more than 1 year ago, Potchie was having a lot of difficulty getting up and walking. she gave up jumping and descending stairs a long time before. she still showed lots of signs of wanting to go on, so putting her down was not an option, but we wanted to do something for her pain. We tried glucosamine, but saw no improvement. Our vet gave us pain medication, but Potchie could hardly walk, she was so drugged. I also thought if she tried, she would hurt herself, since she was stumbling in her efforts. I saw instant improvement when we began giving Potchie Canna-Pet. I give her half a capsule in the morning and half at night. She still has trouble getting up at times, since she’s 20 years old. You can definitely tell the Canna-Pet takes the edge off her pain and she manages it much better. She eats well, at time I have no idea where he puts all the food she eats.