Health Issues:
Spencer's Breeds:

I have a 10 year old chihuahua rescue named Spencer. He has severe separation anxiety and will bark and howl the entire time he is left alone. When I moved into a new apartment, I was determined to find a solution for his happiness as well as my neighbors’ sanity! Spencer’s separation anxiety was so bad to the point that I had to take him with me wherever I went, even if it meant that I had to turn down invitations to hang out with friends because I had to stay home with Spencer in order to keep him quiet. I wasn’t even able to do quick errands without taking him with me. After discovering Canna-Pet, I can leave Spencer home alone for hours at a time without worrying about him. Before he would howl the whole time, now he finds a comfy place to snooze until I come back home. Canna-Pet eases his anxiety and makes me feel better knowing that he is okay until I return. He went from barking nonstop to not barking one single time!!