SofaBoy's Breeds:

SofaBoy is a West Highland White Terrier, he’ll be 18 years old in December. As a pup he was an Earthdog and competed in hunting trials & made the cover of the AKC Events magazine. Now he’s mostly blind & deaf and that’s OK. Last year when he started having seizures & mobility issues (diagnosis = tumor) we started the conventional anti-seizure medication(s). Drugs left my little man like a rag doll so we started (& continue with) golden paste which diminished the seizures. Last month SofaBoy was really slow and getting less socially responsive so we ordered Canna-Pet Advanced Max liquid. The suggested dose of 3×3 per day has made SofaBoy much more alert, playful (He’s bringing his squeaky to play) and limping far less…that’s amazing! Improving his quality of life is far more important than extending his life.