Hendrix's Breeds:

We originally purchased the Canna-Pet capsules & oil for our Boxer Cutler who was diagnosed with Sarcoma. Unfortunately we didn’t get to use very much of it as the Sarcoma was on his neck and ended up closing his throat. It happened in a matter of days. A couple of weeks ago, our #135 Cane Corso Hendrix slipped and began limping on his back left leg, so we took him to the vet and X-rays done of hips & knees. He has been on Dasaquin since we rescued him, and the vet said its a possible sprain or tear. My husband and I were discussing what would be the best option for him as he is an extremely large dog and keeping him still after any surgery would be extremely difficult! My husband said- do you have any of that hemp oil left from Cutler- we should give that to Hendrix. I gave him the oil and the next morning the limping had lessened! Dosed him again and he was walking flat on his foot instead of his toes! I was completely amazed! After one week he was 90%! I couldn’t believe it, and I had gone through all of the leftover oil. I went to reorder and ended up ordering from Innovet, instead of Canna Pet. After 2 doses, Hendrix went downhill a little, and was limping again after just a little walk outside. I made a mistake and should have stuck with what worked! Ordering from Canna Pet again this morning! Thank you for your great product!