We currently live in Tampa, FL with our 15-year-old kitty Skip. He and his brother came into our family as kittens, joining two dogs and an older cat when we lived in CT. Since then, we’ve moved 7 times and 4 states. Along the way, disease and old age have taken 4 out of 5 of our pets, leaving Skip as our only child. He was always our most timid, taking comfort from his pack during thunderstorms, car rides, and vet visits. We tried Canna-pet to help him through our last move. It worked astonishingly well! We had no trouble getting him in and out of his crate, and he actually lounged casually on the hotel beds during our trip instead of scurrying underneath them the moment we arrived! We’re so grateful to have found a natural solution to curb his anxiety. We give it daily now, making his adjustment to a new home, in a place with frequent thunderstorms, a much more comfortable process!